"I can't explain in words how amazing Shira is. From her unique coaching style to her diverse experience, she really added value to my own perspective and coaching approach. I have seen both my personal life and business transform so quickly through manifesting certain words, visions and thoughts that she helped me pull out from deep inside. I would work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to broaden their perspective and see results after each session."

– Saleema Vellani

Twin Flame Coach


“Working with Shira has opened me up to myself and to my true potential as a woman and a creative person.  She has a profound talent for listening, in a way that makes me feel like the outside world disappears and my experience is the only one. That level of listening is healing and from there, our discussions go to deeper levels than I ever expect.

To work with Shira is to experience a person who can both connect to the human experience and to the spiritual realm. She has taught me how to trust that which I can touch and feel ('my body, my experiences) as well as that which I know is there but I can't always see (my soul and spirit).

Our work together has allowed me to love and appreciate all of the moments in my life- even the hardest ones. Shira celebrates the growth and shines light on it, even when you don't see it yourself. With that evolves a sense of joy for the good and the bad, because suddenly you trust that it's all for your higher good and greatest potential.”

– Randi Zinn


“Shira is an incredible intuitive healing coach who I am grateful to have worked with for many years. As a result of our coaching, I am able to see things more clearly, with less judgement and with a broader perspective.  The single most exciting moment I experienced in working with Shira was when she supported me through a challenging work situation and empowered me to speak my truth--which has translated to having more effective communication in all areas of my life.   Shira’s support has also been invaluable in my transition from being in a corporate 9-5pm environment to creating my own hours + launching my own business.”

– Lisa Graham


"Because I live my life in the world of transformational leadership, my colleagues are some of the top life coaches in the world.  Yet my go-to coach is, and has been for almost a decade, Shira Etzion.  There have been times when I couldn’t accept or even perceive my own “greatness” but with Shira’s profound wisdom and unique insights I shifted my mindset.  As a result I was able to move ahead with more confidence, which resulted in some pretty phenomenal success, which wouldn’t have happened without her brilliant coaching."

– Debra Poneman
bestselling author and co-founder Your Year of Miracles Mentoring Program for Women



"Shira is phenomenally insightful.  Her ability to listen, clarify, and nudge someone towards their purpose, is rare. Personally, Shira was able to hear and redirect my polarized thinking around finances and spirituality.  She helped me find a more balanced approach and take powerful actions in my life that now align me with inspiration, financial security, and connection to myself, partner, community, and spiritual integrity.  I recommend her to anyone wanting or needing support in sorting through their life and gaining momentum towards the realization and actualization of their dreams."

– Simeon Darwick, LMT
Health coach and Yoga teacher

"Shira is an incredibly deep, powerful, insightful, mama goddess, and I could not feel more blessed by and grateful for her coaching. Throughout our time working together, Shira created a safe, sacred space where I could dive deep into myself and start moving past the fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding me back personally and professionally. When I showed up for our first session, I came with a request to be coached around body image and weight loss. Through a series of insightful questions from Shira, I was able to realize that my concerns about losing weight were actually my resistance putting up a fierce battle to distract me from growing where I needed to most - communicating openly, directly, and vulnerably with the people around me. Since that first session, Shira has given me the support I needed to tackle progressively bigger challenges and to remember to celebrate the progress I’ve been making. There have been so many wins, but the biggest win has been releasing and healing my old wounds around getting my needs met and learning to accept, love, and care for myself in a BIG way. As someone who has spent so much time hiding my thoughts, needs, and desires from the world, I feel like I’m finally stepping into the light as the beautiful, bold, courageous person I’m meant to be. I cannot thank Shira enough for this gift!"

– Cait Ryan
Coach and World Traveler